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All in Order Logical Sequencing Set helps to build logical ordering and executive functioning skills while cultivating memory, verbal skills, and predictive reading. 

Sequencing is an essential foundational skill. Children place the 3 colour-coded illustrated tiles in the order in which the events occurred. 

It is an easy and enjoyable way to generate conversation with younger children about the social and practical details that underlie many common events. 

Engaging, accessible illustrations by Saxton Freymann.


Age: 3+
Contains48 pieces
Illustrator: Saxton Freymann
Awards: Winner of the Oppenheim Gold and SNAP Award

eeBoo's All In Order All Learner Levels

  • Saxton Freymann is the author and illustrator of many books featuring photographs of characters conjured from fruits and vegetables. He has also been associated with the eeBoo corporation since it was founded by his wife, Mia Galison, over 25 years ago. Thanks to Mia, Freymann is the adoring father of three wonderful children.